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TAD65: Example of using The ACCORDION method: for resistance to shaving and brushing teeth

 TAD64: Example of using The ACCORDION method: for a lady who resists baths and showers

TAD63: The ACCORDION method for solving dilemmas in dementia care: example of a person getting lost outside repeatedly

TAD62: “Ideas for ‘table-top activities’ - in times of self-imposed isolation – like during this coronavirus outbreak" 

written and illustrated by Dr. Gemma Jones, dementia care consultant


 'The mystery of the mouse in the bin' ...
Keynote address at the International Geriatric Services Conference,
Vancouver, 2018 (60 minutes duration)

Radio interview on the Alzheimers Cafe, with Dr. Gemma Jones,
Vancouver, 2018 (18 minutes duration)


The purpose of this site:

  • to help promote good dementia care through providing information, newsletters and supportive educational / teaching materials.
  • to be an arena for innovations and ongoing developments in the new field of care-giving in dementia (or dementia care).
  • to highlight the less visible aspects of caring- the constant balancing and support required to link the ‘external requirements’ and ‘inner aspects’ of caring well

At this site, all aspects of caring will be acknowledged- the frustrations and failures as well as the achievements and successes. Concepts, guiding principles, current research, anecdotes will be added to the site regularly via newsletters.

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Gemma teaching in Dublin, Ireland in September 2015

The first group of professionals who have competed the 4 -day course

"Communication and care-giving in dementia:  a positive vision" by Gemma.

Commissioned by Sonas aPc, Dublin, Ireland




Gemma Jones speaking at the IPA conference in the Hague.




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